Embrace Holy Trinity

AS Zambia and the rest of the Christian world celebrate Holy Week, citizens must demonstrate humility, forgiveness and unity especially that the world is confronted with one of the most debilitating diseases – Covid-19.
All citizens must embrace Christian values in truth and spirit for this is what the Lord Jesus Christ stood for.
Thus citizens must stand for the truth in their daily lives and as they interact with one another in different spheres of life.
In particular, leaders on both sides of the political divide ought to espouse true Christian values, anchoring their deeds on honesty, fairness and a spirit of selfless service.
This is so because Jesus Christ whom we recognise and revere was selfless, pure, and humble and above all fulfilled his first mission of saving mankind from sin.
Yes, the Word was fulfilled on the cross of cavalry and when he resurrected on the third day.
All this is well documented in the Holy Bible, but sadly the episode is more often discerned from a historical perspective only while some people casually look at it as mere or ordinary narrative.
It is important, therefore, to understand Jesus’ ministry, his capture, crucifixion and resurrection in much more detail from a spiritual standpoint; these were not ordinary series of events.
Quite all right, Jesus was a prophet but more than that, he was the only begotten Son of God, who came to fulfil the Word.
Yes, he was captured by a band of soldiers, officers from the chief priest and Pharisees in the garden of Gethsemane where he presented himself boldly.
Jesus presented himself boldly for he knew what was to happen and was aware too that one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, would betray him.
He was captured from the garden of Gethsemane, he did not hide for he was sinless; in contrast, Adam was in the Garden of Eden when he sinned and hid.
Therefore, we must appreciate that Jesus demonstrated humility, truthfulness and purity throughout his ministry and boldly fulfilled God’s plan.
We should understand it that way and emulate the Son of God in that context, lest we remain in sin and view Jesus’ mission as a mere historical event and gloss over it.
As such, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday are no ordinary holidays, but an occasion to reflect fully the fulfillment of the Holy Scripture in truth and in spirit – He died for our sins and brought salvation for mankind.
In fact, John 18:1-10 comes in handy in understanding the capture of Jesus and what followed thereafter.
The boldness, with which he spoke, was a true demonstration of his full knowledge of what was to follow; he was sinless, but gave himself in for the fulfillment of the word.
Therefore, it is important for Christians and Zambians at large to repent and passionately emulate the life of Jesus, without back-sliding whatever the circumstances.
Leaders must demonstrate true Christian values and speak the truth to ordinary citizens, who should equally be truthful to cleanse the political landscape and other areas.
Even as the country is confronted with the devastating Covid-19, citizens must look up to God, Jehovah Rapha, who heals; doctors can treat, but God heals.
In such a season we are in, we need the word, strength and wisdom from God so that we come out stronger because He is speaking to us.

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