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Passengers spurn face masks directive

TWO days after Kitwe District Commissioner, Chileshe Bweupe, directed wearing of masks on public buses and in the congested Chisokone market, nobody in these places seems to have obeyed the instruction.
A check by the Daily Nation at some bus stations in the Central Business District (CBD) showed that passengers were boarding without wearing face masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
The situation was the same at Chisokone market as none of the traders nor the customers was spotted with a mask on.
A few people that were interviewed said that they could not afford to buy masks while others did not appreciate the imperative need to use the face masks as protective wear.
“We have not heard of any positive case here so why should we be wearing masks. We also heard that those that are going from Lusaka are screened before coming into the province so we feel we are safe,” one of the passengers Joe Mwila said.
Mr Mwila said that the sanitizers they were provided with were enough to prevent further outbreak of the virus.
However, some other people said they could not afford to buy the face masks.
Mr Bweupe had directed public bus operators not to allow anyone without a mask on their face to get on their vehicles.
The DC also expressed worry that Chisokone market was too congested and ordered that traders and customers getting into the sprawling trading facility must wear masks.


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