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…‘Govt infiltrated by sell-outs’


LAW enforcement agencies should take interest in fraud allegations raised by Ms Edith Nawakwi against UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema as there are sell-outs in Government that are shielding him from prosecution, stakeholders have demanded.

Advocates for National Development and Democracy (ANDD) executive director, Samuel Banda, said the allegations should be taken with the seriousness they deserve because they involve an individual who is aspiring to lead the country.

“We note with concern, the revelations by Ms Nawakwi that one Hakainde Sammy Hichilema, had been engaged in criminal fraudulent activities. We are aware this is not the first time that criminal allegations have been raised against Mr Hichilema.

“They must be taken with the seriousness they deserve because they involve an individual who aspires to lead the country in future,” said Mr Banda in an interview.

Mr Banda also said setting up an inquiry into the privatisation of national assets was still the answer to helping Zambians hold accountable persons who were involved in criminal activities.

And Zambian Republican Party president Wright Musoma said there were sell-outs in Government that were shielding Mr Hichilema from prosecution.

Mr Musoma said it was unfortunate that law enforcement agencies had failed to arrest and prosecute Mr Hichilema despites accusers providing overwhelming evidence.

He said the shielding of Mr Hichilema was evidence that there were traitors within the system, the reason even confidential documents were being leaked.

Mr Musoma has since called on the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and police to fish out sell-outs dining with the opposition.

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