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ZAMRA challenged over secret recalls of medical supplies


THE Zambia Medicine Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) should suspend 17 licences of other companies for supplying defective and expired drugs, Lusaka lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has demanded.

Mr Ngulube said the Ministry of Health and regulatory authorities should not be segregative when dealing with companies that supply defective medical items.

He questioned why ZAMRA was targeting HoneyBee Pharmacy Limited when there were several firms whose medical products had been recalled. 

Mr Ngulube said some of the suppliers had all the products they supplied recalled but were not subjects of discussion by ZAMRA.

“Why is the Minister of Health and ZAMRA not concerned that Medical Stores has a lot of  expired drugs, for how long are they going to keep the secrets,” Mr Ngulube said.

Mr Ngulube said ZAMRA should suspend or cancel licences of all the 17 companies whose products have been recalled. He said there were some companies that have failed to provide medical supplies after being paid but have continued operating without any penalties.

Mr Ngulube said there were many products that have been recalled but their licences have not been revoked.

“There are 17 companies that have supplied defective drugs and medical supplies,” he said.

Mr Ngulube said the Ministry of Health and ZAMRA should deal with erring companies firmly and fairly without segregation.


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