Govt lacks will to fight corruption- Chipimo

Fri, 24 Aug 2012 11:06:25 +0000

NAREP President Elias Chipimo says the levels of corruption are worrying because there is lack of seriousness by PF government and that the fight was only meant for political enemies.

Mr Chipimo said government should look at what is going on in its offices than that of the past and should show willingness to the fight scourge.

He said government was unwilling to extend the fight to current corruption in order to preset a false façade of integrity when in fact corruption had become wide spread and pervasive.

Mr Chipimo advised the PF government to allow for investigations in its officers and remove the ability of the Head of State who has direct influence on the investigative wings.

He said the system was a failure because the President appoints who should be in charge and these people would never perform their duties for rear of losing their jobs.

The opposition leader said the investigative wings could not investigate allegations against certain leaders in government because they fear that there was no security on their jobs and that this has made them reluctant to fully fight the scourge.

He said as NAREP there would wish for a Commission of Inquiry that would investigate all case of corruption and not leaving out those that seem to control the affairs of the nation.

“This commission must be instituted by parliament in order to ensure security of tenure and independence of the operatives.

This is a strategy that NAREP thinks would help to fight the scourge in the country and that this commission would be able to track all cases of corruption in the past and the present.

Corruption should be fought at all angles and there should be no sacred cows and no one should choose who should be prosecuted or not,” Chipimo said.

The opposition leader however observed that corruption was an endemic to government and the governance process there for effective checks and balances should always be in extensive to curb the tendency that the trend must change in order for the country to develop effectively.

He observed that most governments failed to investigate serving senior officers and that the strategies that NAREP was arguing were the most effective root to fight the scourge.

“The fight would always remain vindictive and that those close to government would never be investigated. So the commission that NAREP is proposing should be able to grant immunity to those that will be investigating such activities and the people in office without the fear of losing jobs,” he said.

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