Poor translation mars constitution

Sat, 25 Aug 2012 12:33:17 +0000

Discrepancies between the translated and the English versions of the constitution have revealed that there are several major components of the constitution that are being left out due to difficulties in translating technical English clauses, Lukulu residents have said.

Speaking through their representative Libuku Wamundila, the residents noted that the translated draft constitution and the old English document were not a one –on –one basis because the simplified and translated versions in local languages were not inclusive of certain English technical terms.

“The translated draft documents are out of tune with reality especially for those living in rural areas because they do not contain English technical clauses which have not been translated,” he said.

Wamundila said the failure to adequately translate the document was denying some people a chance to participate in the constitution making process “and this would delay the country’s developmental programmes.”

He said it was important to note such issues and address them quickily to ensure that many Zambians participated in coming up with a constitution that will stand the test of time.

He said that every citizen had a right to contribute to the matters of the nation just like they had in choosing their preferred president during elections.

Mr Wamundila said it would be helpful if the Constitution was all inclusive, adding that failure to translate technical clauses would exclude certain individuals from participating in the decision making process.

“The simplified version in local languages is not inclusive and in the process the majority are missing out on what they feel can benefit them.” He said.

Mr Wamundila said over the years, the people’s call for a non-discriminatory Constitution that was expected to stand the test of time had been clear, adding that those who were entrusted with the noble task of translating the document must take into consideration of the uneducated Zambians.


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