Smelly bus conductors choke commuter.

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 13:20:25 +0000

THERE is need for the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to introduce a dress code for bus conductors because of their unkempt appearance.

Ackim Mubanga from Kamwala area said some conductors’ dressing left much to be desired and were smelling, causing annoyance and discomfort to commuters.

“These conductors should have a dress code like drivers. Some smell and even have the audacity to carry out their duties in vests, exposing smelly armpits. This is not good for the people,” he said.

Mr Mubanga said commuters needed to travel in a clean environment and the conductors must be presentable if passengers are going to enjoy their services.

Annette Mweemba from Sikanze police camp urged the relevant authorities to look into the matter and ensure a healthy travelling environment for passengers.

Ms Mweemba said it was unfortunate that conductors were youths but failed to meet the cleanliness standards.

“The problem with these people is that some don’t bath but just wake up early in the morning and start working, forgetting that their job needed cleanliness because it was involving. The smell is disturbing and commuters don’t enjoy their ride on the bus,” she said.

And Andrew Mazimba, a conductor, advised the commuters to confront improperly dressed conductors because it was their right to travel in a clean environment and feel the comfort of the bus.

“Our work is involving so it requires us to be bathing twice or more a day because we sweat too much and do a lot of work, running for a customer and lifting and offloading luggage,” he said.

Mr Mazimba encouraged fellow conductors to be bathing every day to avoid inconveniencing commuters who deserved a better service.

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