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THE country has continued to see a worrisome increase in covid19  numbers and  positivity rate as well as a rise among patients requiring hospitalisation and oxygen therapy

Ministry of Health permanent Secretary for Technical Service Kennedy Malama is however concerned of the number of those being brought to the healthcare facilities in critical condition.

 Dr Malama said the country has begun to see people delaying to come to health facilities despite being symptomatic including with difficulties in breathing.

He urged the people to seek medical attention early for better patient care outcomes. 

“For weeks now we have been highlighting worrying signals of an increase in case numbers with the coming of the cold season amidst laxity in adherence to public health guidelines,” said Dr Malama.

He also called upon all political parties to put the health and well-being of the people at the center of their activities.

He added that the  country, has now begun seeing a  marked increase in Covid-19 cases including admissions to hospitals.

And Dr Malama disclosed that, in the last 24 hours, there has been an  increase in test positivity rate from 2.9% to 3.8% yesterday.

He disclosed that at provincial level, three provinces recorded a positivity of 5% or more,  that is  Lusaka, Southern, and Copperbelt and these have been the  hot spots even during the first and second waves.

“The laxity we continue seeing in adherence to public health guidance in public spaces including malls, markets, learning institutions, work places, bus stations and bus stops among others as well as the numerous super spreader events such as political campaign rallies continue to be fertile ground for fueling further transmission and spread of Covid-19,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Malama explained that with the increasing number of crowded election campaigns, the ministry will however continue to engage and collaborate with the ECZ, utilising the various platforms at their  disposal including radio, television and social media to disseminate risk communication and health promotion messages widely.

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