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THOUSANDS of Patriotic Front supporters yesterday marched in defiance of party stance of covid19 rules to witness the launch of the party campaigns by President Edgar Lungu.

The supporters walked along Independence Road  through Addis Ababa road until they reached the Great East at Manda where they continued to Mulungu Conference Centre, the venue of the launch.

Some  of the people who were part of the sea of faces walking on Great East Road included party branch officials from different constituencies within Lusaka.

Some of the supporters talked to said they wanted to show the opposition UPND that they would outnumber them any day but will follow party instructions to follow covid19 guidelines.

And a member of the PF   said they were banned from ferrying supporters but people decided to walk from different branches.

He said it was difficult to stop the people when they were walking on their own to Mulungushi to give solidarity to the party and republican  President.

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