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CHIEF Chikwanda of Mpika has cautioned against the unnecessary change of political parties in government because that would only cause retardation of the country’s economic development programme.

Chief Chikwanda urged Zambians to emulate countries such as Tanzania and South Africa which have maintained governing political parties but have instead changed leadership for continuity in development.

He said Zambia could only develop if it embraced continuity and avoided unnecessary changes of government, warning that not all changes would bring prosperity.

Chief Chikwanda said Zambians should be wary of politicians who were promising to develop the country in days because such leaders would only come to plunder the country’s resources to expand their business empires at the expense of citizens.

The chief said Zambians would regret if they made a mistake of voting for a different political party other than the governing Patriotic Front (PF) which has brought about unprecedented economic and infrastructure development in the last few years.

Chief Chikwanda advised Zambians to give credit where it was due because President Edgar Lungu and the PF had worked hard to deliver development to all parts of the country.

He said governing was not a question of copy and paste and that those who are aspiring to take over the governing of the country were inept as they had never experienced leadership. 

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