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Dear editor

IN Zambia right now if you talk about the Government then you called that you have mental health issues, you have bipolar, your entire family is insulted, you are said to have no influence… There is perfection only, what makes a government successful is when people speak, checks and balances keep them on their toes to keep working…

The freedom for people to express themselves is slowly fading as people are being tormented, harassed, bullied and on media forums like Facebook one is made to look like they are abnormal for simply airing their comments. Zambia is not a one Party State, we are not in a Dictatorship, if you do not agree with anyone speaking over government that does not mean they suffer from Bipolar! It is actually you running away from checks and balances. Some are even planning for me to be detained at the airport if I ever visit Zambia, shocking! 

The whole of yesterday and night upto now there is no power in our Lusaka house, I know most of you are in the dark. My question is why should it be so? Who is the Zesco boss presently? What is their statement on the power cut? Don’t bring PF here let’s talk about now, what’s the way forward?



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