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President Hichilema pledges to uphold peace


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema says his government will walk the path of peace and unity because he believes that it’s only through this that the country can attain economic independence.

Mr Hichilema also said the new dawn government under his leadership will continue working with traditional leaders to deliver the much needed development closer to the people in chiefdoms. 

He was speaking yesterday in Monze’s Bweengwa area,   when he held a meeting with some traditional leaders drawn from Southern Province and other parts of the country who were part of an event at Samu Lya Moomba, a historical site of significance to the country’s political freedom.

President Hichilema said the chiefs should unite the country as one people if development is to be achieved.

He said as custodian of the traditions, chiefs should be respected and that the new dawn government will treat all chiefs equally without segregation. 

Mr Hichilema said his government for the first time in history has moved money from Lusaka where a few individuals used to make decisions on behalf of the grassroots in the chiefdoms. 

He said his administration will ensure that CDF, which was increased from K1.6 million to K25.7 million in the 2022, works for the people and that going forward starting next year, no child will be allowed to sit on the floor while attending lessons at school.

Mr Hichilema said people in government in Lusaka are upset with him because he has decentralised the disbursement of resources for development. He said as long as he remains President, constituencies will continue receiving enough money for development so that the living standards of the ordinary citizens can improve.

President Hichilema also said all contracts under the CDF will be executed by locals and not foreign companies so that the money can remain in the local economy. 

Meanwhile, the President has proposed to meet all traditional leaders at a date to be agreed to resolve the various challenges facing chiefdoms.

He however, said his government will not interfere in the selection of chiefs. 

Mr Hichilema also said his government will build modern palaces and separate acommodation for seating chiefs so that when they are not on the throne, their children will have somewhere to stay. 

He also asked the chiefs especially in Southern Province to work with the government to bring to a stop the high cases of criminal activities, such as assassinations that have claimed the lives of many innocent citizens in the region. 

And traditional leaders have welcomed government intention to resolve the many challenges in the chiefdoms. 

The traditional leaders said they are looking forward to see the new government meeting the aspirations of citizens.

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