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By NIZA NAYAME                              

THOSE are crocodile tears, for those of us who know Nevers Mumba know that he is an actor who has double standards, former minister of Water and Sanitation Raphael Nakacinda has said.

Mr Nakacinda said Dr Mumba was a hypocrite who does not have an aorta of understanding of what was going on in the country.

He was reacting to Dr Mumba shedding tears during the launch of his campaign at the MMD secretariat on Monday on the pretext that Zambia had passed through ugly experiences in the last 10 years.

“In one vein he wants to praise the PF and when he wants to praise the PF he does it with an intention of wanting them to offer some of the things he has been demanding, in another vein he wants to disparage them if he feels he is not giving then what he wants and then it’s just an act of high level of hypocrisy,” he said

Mr Nakacinda said Dr Mumba had been denigrating members of the Patriotic Front while trying to work with them at the same time.

“He has been patronising everybody in PF.  It’s just that there is some level of decency from colleagues in PF in the sense that they have not been able to expose his double dealings.

“In one vein you will find that he is attempting to meet the running mate, the other day he was trying to make an appointment with the President, the other day he had gone to some of the MPs and bothering people like Stephen Kampyongo saying we can work together and I know the President is doing his best, next thing he is in a press briefing talking rubbish,” Mr Nakacinda explained. 

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