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Dear Editor,               

A good leader is seen from how he restrains himself even in the face of provocation and it is in this breath President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his entire Patriotic Front leadership must be applauded for firstly ; taking a leading role in adhering to COVID 19 guidelines of not holding public rallies and consistently putting it on record to PF lower organs to follow health guidelines as guided by MoH and ECZ because he values lives of citizens.

Secondly and most importantly President Lungu deserve unreserved commendation and kudos from the church , CSOs and other stakeholders for keeping his youths out of violence despite provocation.

The nation in the recent past has seen gruesome footages and pictures of PF members who have brutally been attacked, maimed and grievously harmed by known UPND cadres sadly in most cases these unfortunate incidences of violence have occurred in the presence of their Party Leader Hakainde Hichilema during roadshows.

Wherever Mr Hichilema is doing a roadshow motorists and residents are brutally attacked others for wearing PF regalia.

The Thursday satanic and barbaric bloodshed is latest. Although Police have another version, the true version is that PF Youths were innocently spotted driving around visiting their campaign camps when fell in the hands of the sadists.

However, even in the face of all these acts of provocation, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has kept his youths barracks locked and given the keys to the SG Hon Davies Mwila to instead continue preaching non violence campaign.

The nation need no reminder as to how ruthless PF Youths can be if not managed as it is the case now and in the absence of sound leadership UPND can be reduced to pulp in seconds thanks to the exploratory leadership qualities of President Lungu.

President Lungu has always condemned violence regardless of who perpetuates it contrary to UPND Leader Mr Hichilema who up to now has failed to condemn those Namwala serial killers that ganged up against PF members that were conducting Door to door campaign, called for their killing.

To the UPND, we are aware you have played card of provocation on PF , your lucky only stretches up to the number of your fingers sooner rather than later our President’s directives will be disregarded and your fates will only be described by your ancestors.

We know who is perpetuating violence in UPND and we pray that innocent ones will not be victims should PF Youths decide to shout “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH “

Royd Moonga

PF Mobilisation Committee Member -Southern Province

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