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POLICE in Kitwe yesterday picked up opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) President Kasonde Mwenda but later released him after a lone protest.

Mr Mwenda was demanding the immediate implementation of free education from grade one to university.

Copperbelt Deputy Police Commissioner  Chrispin Chaambwa said police did not arrest Mr Mwenda but merely went to give him protection in case some people descended on him.

Mr Mwenda, who chained himself and stood at the Kitwe City Centre freedom statute, attracted attention from on-lookers with others supporting him while others said it was too early to make such a demand.

In one of the placards, Mr Mwenda wanted to know when free education would be implemented.

In the midst of his lone protest, police pitched up in a Toyota land cruiser and took him to Kitwe Central Police Station but was asked to leave after 30 minutes.

But, the Copperbelt Deputy Police Commissioner  said Mr Mwenda was not arrested  but police went to the scene to give him protection so that no one attacked him

“No, Mr Mwenda was not arrested, police officers who went there only to give him protection so that no one attacked him. He has since been released,” he said

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