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Retired ZAF officer sues state


A retired Zambia Air Force (ZAF) officer has sued the State demanding payment of his benefits amounting to more than K100, 000.

He seeks an order that he be paid all salary arrears from February 3, 2017 to date.

Retired Lieutenant Muchindu wants the Constitutional Court to government to retain him on active payroll until he is paid all his benefits

Lt Muchindu is demanding interest on the amounts so ordered by the court and costs .

In his petition filed in the ConCourt, Lt Muchindu stated that he underwent attestation upon joining ZAF on February 14 2010.

He stated that he joined ZAF as a commissioned officer and was commissioned on July 15 2011 and was retired on February 3 2017.

Lt Muchindu claimed that he was entitled to a pension benefit of  K116, 687.85 in accordance with section 41 of the Public Service Pensions  Act no 35 of 1996.

However, he stated that the government has unlawfully withheld his   constitutional entitlement to his pension benefit despite having written several demand letters.

He alleged that government has collectively violated part XIV of the constitution of Zambia Amendment Act 2 of 2016 with respect to Pension benefits.

He added that the State violated Articles 187 (1) (2)(3)  of the Act.

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