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By GIDEON NYENDWA                                                                    

UNNECESSARY attacks on the credibility of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) must be stopped because Zambians should have confidence in institutions of democratic governance, Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president, Daniel Pule has said.

Dr Pule challenged politicians making allegations against ECZ to also provide Zambians with evidence.

He was reacting to Socialist Party spokesperson, Joseph Kangwa’s sentiments that ECZ was an instrument of PF’s dictatorship following its decision to ban campaign rallies for health reasons.

“It is petty to insinuate that ECZ is siding with the ruling party and can be a political tool for dictatorship for the PF when it is a professional and independent institution,” Dr Pule said.

He called on people to ignore misguided sentiments, saying they were only meant to alarm the country.

“ECZ is a respected independent electoral commission and the people of Zambia should not pay attention to people who are issuing such disturbing statements that can cause disturbance in the confidence the people of Zambia have for the ECZ,” Dr Pule said.

He also said Zambians had confidence in the ECZ as an independent body and were satisfied in the way it conducted itself.

“We as a political party who are participating in this year’s election in parliamentary and local government local level have respect and confidence in the ECZ as a neutral competent organisation,” he said.

He said that banning of rallies was a move to protect the people of Zambia against the coronavirus by the ministry of Health.

“PF has the muscle to mobilise people and organise the biggest rallies than any other opposition political parties can hold, so there is no way the PF can be using ECZ  to disadvantage the opposition because they are also just following the same health guidelines set by the ministry of Health,” Dr Pule said.

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