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A total of 52 Parliamentary petitions have been filed in the Lusaka High Court as at yesterday, with UPND accounting for more than 30.

August 27,2021

The petitioners who include the opposition PF and independents are demanding that the court nullifies the election results of August 12.
Among the petitioned seats are Chawama, Munali, Malole, Luanshya, Mansa Central, Lumezi ,Milanzi, Kawambwa, Nakonde Msanzala,Chimba Milonga, Mwense,Lunte ,Isoka, Mporokoso and Lubansenshi.

The petitioners have similar reliefs which are voter buying, bribery, corruption and violence.
They also have similar prayers that the Lusaka High Court nullifies the election results for their respective constituencies and an order that a fresh election be held within 90 days from the date of the said nullification.

Others seek an alternative order for a recount of the election results and inspection of all Gen 20 forms for the election.

Meanwhile, in a petition filed by losing UPND candidate Potipher Tembo challenging the election of former President Edgar Lungu’s daughter, Tasila, as Chawama Member of Parliament, stated that on election day, the latter distributed regalia and dished out money to polling staff .

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Mr Tembo claims that the sale and extent of violence before nomination, during the campaign period and on the voting day was extreme that it resulted in the prevention of the majority of voters from voting for their preferred candidate.
And Munali independent candidate Thomas Sipala, alas, Difficoti, has petitioned the election of Mike Mposha of UPND.

Mr Sipalo contended that ECZ continuously abrogated the Electoral Code of Conduct , Rules and Practices as in some polling stations GEN 10 forms were missing and also that the returning officer decided to announce elections results behind the hall in absentia of the agent of other candidates.

In UPND’s Mwape Mwelwa has petitioned that former Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya was duly elected as Mansa Central MP because he was involved in corrupt activities which include giving money to the elderly and mealie meal in exchange of a vote.

PF’s Brian Mundubile’s election as Mporokoso MP has been petitioned by John Sampa of UPND who claims that the elections were not free and fair.

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