Dear Editor,

I AGREE with Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni that prosecuting Patriotic Front officials at this time will be viewed as a witch-hunt intended to demonise people who were close to President Edgar Lungu. No proper excuse will make us believe that law enforcement wings were stopped from prosecuting people in the PF government because we saw what happened to ministers like Dr Chitalu Chilufya and Mr Ronald Chitotela.

The two ministers were prosecuted when there were issues to answer. So we take it, why all this time there have been no further prosecutions is because there has not been anything worth prosecuting. Meaning, we don’t expect investigative wings to start manufacturing things just to persecute others, we won’t tolerate that.

These institutions had ample time to prosecute PF officials or even people close to President Lungu, so why now? Where has been the Drug Enforcement Commission, Anti Corruptioon Comission and others all this time? We also suggest as Paramount Mpezeni advised, the UPND administration should not pay attention to people calling for the prosecution of PF officials for the perceived criminal activities as doing so indeed will rob the nation of a focused leadership.

The President-elect, Mr Hakainde Hichilema will end up focusing on fixing others and you know there will be uproar from Zambians because they still love President Lungu despite not voting for him. The new government should not mistake that protest vote for hatred for Mr Lungu, far from it.

President Lungu is still a darling of the people and they will not allow any persecution directed at him. So please no witch-hunt, the incoming government should focus on fulling the many promises it has made. ‘CONCERNED RESIDENT,’ Lusaka

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