THE National Democratic Congress (NDC) must work hard to get more numbers to hold the respect of the UPND partnership, NDC Copperbelt Chairman George Sichula has said.

He said if the NDC does not work hard to mobilise and get numbers on the ground, it risked being dumped by the UPND.

Mr Sichula was speaking yesterday when he addressed NDC members from various constituencies in Kitwe to encourage them to soldier on and ensure that the party remained stronger under the leadership of Joseph Rikki Akafumba.

“The fact that we are in an alliance with the UPND we should not relax, but soldier on and get numbers on the ground to gain and hold the respect of the UPND which is our alliance partner.  We need to work hard under the leadership of President Joseph Rikki Akafumba,” Mr Sichula said.

Mr Sichula urged NDC members and officials not to frustrate those joining the party but embrace them so that together they could work hard to take the party to greater heights.

He said he was ready to work with people from other parties than to work with NDC members who were not committed.

Mr Sichula said the party needed leaders at various levels who were committed and ready to work hard to ensure that the party continued to grow.

“I hear that some of you, NDC members and officials are frustrating those seeking to join the party. I should tell you that we need to work hard to get to this party to greater heights hence we need leaders who are committed and ready to work hard,” he said.

..as Musenge says not in NDC for any position


I have come back to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to contribute to making the party stronger and not to grab any position, NDC founder member Mwenya Musenge has said.

He said the NDC must work hard to bring good numbers to the UPNDC alliance in order to command respect in the alliance and eat together on the table.

Mr Musenge, who was one time NDC Secretary General, was speaking yesterday in Kitwe at his Chillers night club when he returned to NDC as a ‘prodigal son

He said his return to the party was not to grab positions from those who have been in the party, but to help strengthen the party and get enough numbers in the alliance

“I am returning to NDC as a prodigal son and I have not come to get people’s position but to help mobilise the party and bring enough numbers in the alliance. We need to ensure our relevance in the alliance by bringing more numbers

“As NDC members, we will continue eating crumbs from the ruling UPND table if we do not bring good numbers to the alliance. Let us work hard to ensure that we command respect in the UPNDC alliance ,” Mr Musenge said

Among those who received Mr Musenge to the NDC included national chairman Richard Luonde, chairman for mobilisation Newton Chabala, Chairman for mines Samson Nyirenda, chairman for youths Nickson Mugala

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