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ZAMBIA’S business climate will be at an advanced level on the African continent once economic pronouncements made by President Hakainde Hichilema are implemented.

This country will be in a totally different space, not only for the local businesses but within the region and on the continent of Africa, according to Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) president, Chabuka Kawesha.

“I think we have a good start, we can see the rebooting of real industrialisation. It is not just about words but we are talking to real industrialisation to see each sub sector feel the need to effectively participate in building Zambia’s economy.

“As we go into fully analysing and establishing the real impact and if implemented, the pronouncements that have been made are carried through will put this country in a totally different space, not only for the local businesses but within the region and on the continent of Africa,” Dr Kawesha said in an interview.

Reacting to the Presidential speech delivered to parliament yesterday, Dr Kaweshe indicated that the pronouncements once followed through would ensure all key stakeholders participated in growing the economy. He explained that most pronouncements made embraced the private sector which was critical in economic contribution. Dr Kawesha stated that pronouncements on decentralisation were impressive as they would foster job creation.

“Giving power to the local government, to the council so that we can recreate the ability to start creating jobs from the ground which is very positive because jobs cannot be created in Lusaka or cannot be created by the central government,” he said.

He emphasised that having the entire country participate in job creation would make life much easier even for the private sector.

“For the business person regardless of size; small medium or large, once you are able to deal with the local authority on the ground, it is much easier,” according to Dr Kawesha.

He indicated that the team was happy to see that President Hichilema spoke on aspects relating to creating stability and predictability within the mining sector as well as engagement of the financial sector in looking at the cost of finance.

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