Help UPND succeed – Bwalya


ALL Zambians should help the UPND government to succeed because ordinary citizens will suffer if it fails to deliver, youth and good governance activist Lemmy Bwalya has said.

Mr Bwalya said the August 12 elections were gone and that it was now time to put politics behind and focus on the bigger picture.

He said it was time for all citizens to work together and ensure that all people had something to eat and the economy recovered.

“The youth, church, political parties and other institutions should be brave against outbursts levelled against government, instead let’s think of how best every citizen can help the current leadership to score,” Mr Bwalya said.

Mr Bwalya called on the former ruling party, PF to provide checks and balances to the now ruling party within the normal perimeter of the UPND’s manifesto and to avoid unproductive attacks.

He said after a careful check of both the UPND and PF manifestos, both replicate each other.

“As a political science student at UNZA, I feel the best way to offer checks and balances to the current administration is to give suggestions on how government can attain remedies which if properly implemented, will certainly cushion the economic challenges the citizenry are facing now and in future,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said shooting irrationally at the government would never help Zambians to have food on the table, instead would continue to injure the economy.

He said when the country is being shunned by investors, both opposition and ruling party supporters pay the price together with the party in government.

Mr Bwalya said concerted efforts were necessary from both opposition and ruling parties to help the country on a trajectory of having bumper harvests, more roads constructed, more employment created and plenty of medicine among other things.

“We equally need to see politicians coming together and put their concerted efforts, for us to grow our economy through GDP,” he said.

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