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3 UPND petitions against PF dismissed

3 UPND petitions against PF dismissed
THE Lusaka High Court declared valid the Parliamentary election results for Matero, Mandevu and Chawama constituencies all held by the PF.

An emotional atmosphere characterised Court eight as Matero MP Miles Sampa shed tears throughout the over two hours long Judgement by Judge Derrick Mulenga.

Mr Justice Mulenga dismissed the petition by losing UPND candidate Tom Michelo against Mr Sampa on account that he had failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the respondent or his agents committed acts of violence, bribery and corruption.

The Judge said there was no evidence that the said acts of violence had prevented the people of Matero from voting owing to the high turnout.
Mr Justice Mulenga said that the elections results in which Mr Sampa polled 612 and Mr Michelo who got 33,598 is proof that the people of Matero were in no way swayed from voting for their preferred candidate..

Judge Mulenga also declared valid the election of Jonas Shakafuswa as Mandevu MP as the petitioner Aaron Mulope of UPND had failed to prove the allegations of violence, bribery and corruption.

It was a similar judgement in the Chawama petition as Judge Kazimbe Chenda upheld the election of Ms Tasila Lungu at the disappointment of UPND petitioner Potiphar Tembo.

However, Mr Michelo said Judge Mulenga should have recused himself from handling the case especially that one of the witnesses testified that the Judge was a member of the PF and wanted to stand in Ndola.

Mr Michelo said that Judge Mulenga did say that the witness who mentioned him was putting the decorum of the court at risk.
“The judge had interest in the case and should have recused himself,” he said.

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