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The appointment of District Commissioners (DCs) is likely to fuel conflicts among other ethnic groups in Western Province because it is reportedly biased towards the Lozis, former Ngambela of Chief Kahale, Kamwaya Kamwaya has charged.

In an interview, Mr Kamwaya who is a member of the Nkoya Roya Establishment claimed that only Lozis were given preference at the expense of other ethnic groups in the region.

He claimed that the Nkoyas and Mbundas were sidelined during the recent appointment of DCs and other positions in the new dawn Government.

“In western province, we have more than 35 ethnic groups but look at the appointments; who is in cabinet, security wings, and recently the appointed DCs? Only the Lozis were appointed.

“For example, despite being in Mankoya area, the DCs that were appointed in Kaoma, Lukulu, Mitete, Luampa and Nkeyema all are Lozis brought in from somewhere.  Nkoyas are nowhere near the corridors of power. I am far from being tribal as some people would like to believe, but to say the least the  appointments are a clear demonstration that this new government is insensitive to problems in Western province,” Mr Kamwaya has charged.

He said the skewed appointment against other ethnic groups would stir tensions in Western Province because others would feel neglected by the new Government.

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