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GOVERNMENT should consult widely when they start the constitution review process for the country to do away with lacunas and ensure production of a constitution that will stand a test of time, Economic Front President Wynter Kabimba has said.

Mr Kabimba in an interview said the process should not be turned into a partisan one because the country would just end up with the same problem.

He said that all the past constitutional review commissions had left out the participation of Zambians and that all those wanting to come with a new one had to be very careful.

Mr Kabimba said that for the country to have a constitution that could stand the test of time there was need to consult widely and that this could give the drafters a clear picture of what the people wanted.

“It will be very difficult for the nation to have a constitution that will stand the test of time when the people are not given an opportunity to give their submissions,” he said.

He said the government needed to consult experts from other countries that had good constitutions like India.

“India has a constitution with very few controversies because the British left the country with no constitution as they left in anger which made the Indians come up with a Constituent Assembly which made sure that the citizenry participated accordingly,” he said.

He said that experts from India were needed to help draft the constitution so that lacunas could be done away with.

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