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Dear Editor,

Ms Beauty Namukolo worked with me when I served as Kitwe District Commissioner in the same position she’s in now as District Administrative Officer for Kasama. 

She had come ito Kitwe on a transfer from Kasama but didn’t stay longer because her family could not move from Kasama so we had to allow her to go back to reunite with her family but the short period I worked with her was amazing. 

She’s a pure professional who has been in the public service for long and she’s extremely humble, intelligent and the best Deputy any DC would like to work with.

I am disturbed to watch a video of her being attacked and crying for help in her office by people who think Government can be run like ka “sido.” 

When you are unhappy with someone who is in a governmentt office there are smart ways to push for that person to be removed from the office unlike using criminality like what I have seen in that video.

Sometime back when I served as DC some disgruntled party youths wanted to come and lock up my office because they didn’t like me. Well even during our time, youths used to close people’s offices a practice that was foolish and one that should never be entertained but now a new dimension has been added that of beating an officer in the office.

When I was tipped that youths were organising to come and close my office, I told the security wings in Kitwe then that they should not do anything as I would sort those youths out myself and they are lucky they aborted their mission because they would have been taught a lesson of a life time had they proceeded with their plan as I was ready and I could not allow lawlessness.

Those foolish criminals who attacked the Kasama DAO regardless of who they are, are very well known in Kasama and the police should report to the public their arrest and we should see the law taking its course. Public servants must be protected to work in a peaceful environment and without intimidation from especially political hooligans. 



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