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Independent Financial Crimes Court can ease political tension – Silavwe


The battle and political tension between the Patriotic Front (PF) and the UPND  can end only if the Financial crimes fast track court  operates independently in the fight against corruption, Golden Party of Zambia (GPZ) leader, Jackson Silavwe has said.

Mr. Silavwe said the tension that has been created between two political parties would end because PF officials arrested and prosecuted for financial crimes would have an opportunity to prove their innocence within the shortest time possible because the court has been introduced to expedite such cases. 

He said in an interview, the court once operational and allowed to make judgements at law would restore normalcy in the country and make the country’s democracy and governance system flourish.

Mr Silavwe however charged that it would be impossible for the economic and financial crimes court to achieve its intended purpose if the government interfers in its operations. 

He said the court plays a very pivotal role in the functioning of the country’s democracy and many countries have tightened laws on financial crimes so Zambia was not an exception.

Mr. Silavwe urged the government to change the narrative that in African politic such institutions are formed with the aim of fixing the perceived opponents.

‘’The timing is brilliant but I am also careful looking at African politics sometimes we use dirty institutions to fix our opponents,’’ he said.

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