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MEALIE meal prices have seen a minimal adjustment of between K4 and K5 and not as suggested in social media pictures showing K180 and K200, the Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) has said.

In an interview, MAZ President Andrew Chintala said the market had seen an increase in the prices of mealie meal of about K4 and K5 depending on the brand as a result of the adjustment of maize prices on the market.

Mr Chintala said the prices of maize on the market have been adjusted from K2, 700 to K3, 800 per ton. He said it is hoped that the prices of maize will stabilisesoon.

Meanwhile, Mr Chintala has however refuted social media reports that mealie meal was trading between the K180 and K200.

Mr Chintala said such reports are not true, as the pictures being depicted on social media were taken two years ago.

There have been pictures circulating on social media indicating that mealie meal prices have increased between K180 and K200 for a 25kg bag of breakfast meal. 

And a check found a 25kg bag of Nyimba Milling breakfast mealie meal selling at K140 whilst a 25kg of Kapinga Milling is going for K135.

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