Cut on foreign trips, Kalaba tells HH

THE President should ensure that he cuts down on his foreign travels so that he can focus on fixing the economy, Democratic Party President Harry Kalaba has said.

Mr Kalaba said that as president, it was important to meet other presidents to broker deals but that it was too much for President Hakainde Hichilema who within a short time had traversed the globe at the expense of fixing the economy.

He wondered what had changed because the head of State was very vocal about foreign trips the time he was in opposition.

“Its baffling that the President is now in favour of touring foreign countries when he was a serious critic of the previous regime,” he said.

Mr Kalaba said the country had a number of challenges which needed to be looked at urgently by the head of State rather than touring the world.

He said President Hichilema had now seen that things were different after ascending to power because he was a serious critic of former President Edgar Lungu’s travels.

“Within a short period the president has travelled to over seven countries rather than delegating his ministers to handle some of these functions,” he said.

Mr Kalaba said he was not a critic of the visits but that there were more important issues at home which needed the President’s attention.


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