Three sisters torch brother’s house

A 52-YEAR-OLD man of Zambezi has had his house and all properties burnt to ashes by his sisters.

According to North-Western Province deputy commissioner of police Dr Fred Mulenga, the incident happened on Friday around 10:00 hours at Kachacha Village in Mukandankunda area and identified the victim as Mr Chipisha Samondela.

Dr Mulenga said the victim reported that his house and properties valued at K13, 320 had been burnt to ashes by his three sisters and two others.

He identified the suspects as Grace Samondela, Beauty Samondela, Kavuyi Samondela, Jessica Muti, and Christopher Chisekela.

“The other two suspects are his neighbours,” said Dr Mulenga.

He said the suspects also slashed about two limas of maize field whose value is yet to be ascertained.

He said the reason for burning the house and slashing the maize field was that the victim has been accused of being behind the sickness of Mr Harry Samondela, a relative.

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