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Mundubile dares govt

… arrest wrong doers, stop denting PF image



ARREST those who stole and stop denting image of the Patriotic Front (PF), Presidential hopeful Brian Mundubile has said.

Mr Mundubile said it is important that the police come up with proper evidence and arrest those found wanting.

He said if few people stole public funds then not all PF officials should be dragged in such issues.

Mr Mundubile, who is leader of the opposition in Parliament and PF Mporokoso Member of Parliament said if the state has evidence of people who stole, then they need to face the law.

“All what we hear even from the President is that all those who stole from the public must return what they stole.

Why should you continue singing the same song instead of taking action?

“If two people stole, let the police arrest them instead of dragging the name of the party in such serious accusations,” Mr Mundubile said.

He said PF officials cannot let the ruling party continue tarnishing its image because of a few individuals.

“The way it is right now, it’s more like everyone who worked in the previous government is a thief. That’s very sad.

This must end by ensuring that they carry out investigations thoroughly and arrest those that got what belong to the public,” Mr Mundubile said.


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