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Pastor Mambwe questions Kavindele, Nevers State pay


PASTOR Kennedy Mambwe, the KBN TV proprietor has questioned the government’s decision to provide former vice president Enoch Kavindele and  Nevers Mumba with monthly salaries while denying the sixth President of Zambia  Edgar Lungu, the same privilege.

Pastor Mambwe said if the reason for halting President Lungu’s monthly payments, withdrawing State security, and other privileges is because he returned to active politics, the same reasoning must apply to Dr Mumba and Mr. Kavindele.

“Dr Mumba, whom I deeply respect, is the president of the opposition party MMD. I feel compelled to publicly declare this,” he said.

“Why do you deny President Lungu his pay because he returned to politics, but you pay two ex-vice presidents who are both active politicians? CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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