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DEC boss should be cited for contempt, demands Musoma


DEC Director General Mary Chirwa has abrogated the law by commenting on a matter involving former Konkola Copper Mines provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu which is before the courts, says ZRP leader Wright Musoma.

Mr Musoma said his party finds it shocking that a person like Ms Chirwa who understands the law can go on rampage to abrogate the law with impunity and expect the court to spare her.

The behaviour by Ms Chirwa to comment on matters before the courts of law is not only unprofessional but also an abrogation of the law. 

“Her actions are against the law of the land and therefore we demand that she should be brought before court to explain why she should not be cited for contempt,” he said.

Mr Musoma said she should be brought before the court to exculpate herself and show cause why she should not be cited for contempt.  

He said it was wrong for her to judge Mr Lungu through the media on a matter before court as doing so is contemptuous and   prejudicial to the administration of justice.

Mr Musoma said whatever evidence she has, she should present it in court and not in the media where Mr Lungu cannot defend himself. 

He said Ms Chirwa should be punished to send a strong warning to people with the habit of commenting on matter before the court of law.

“What we went to remind her is that what she is doing is wrong and must stop doing things that are contemptuous considering that she is an officer of the law,” said Mr Musoma.

And former Ambassador to Ethiopia, and Permanent Representative to the AU Emmanuel Mwamba has advised Ms Chirwa to stop trying Mr Lungu in the court of public opinion but instead submit her evidence to the courts of law.

He said Ms Chirwa need to familiarise herself with her role as Director General of DEC and stop overlapping of roles, the unguided excitement, and stick to her job.

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