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Bulldozer challenges Govt

‘Witnesses in FJT University project still alive, ask them’


IT is unreasonable for the Infrastructure and Housing Minister Charles Milupi to call the Patriotic (PF) Front a criminal organisation based on the FJT University project when all the stakeholders that can provide answers to the questions they are raising are still alive and available, Kabushi Member of Parliament, Bowman Lusambo, has said.

Mr Lusambo said in an interview that if the intention by the UPND government was truly to find out where the money for the FJT University went they would have done that by now because all the stakeholders involved were still available.

He said the true intention was to paint the PF black by accusing almost every member instead of going straight to the people that were linked to the project.

Mr Lusambo said if the government wanted to find answers to their questions they would have done so and by now the issue would have been water under the bridge.

He said it was unfortunate that there was a party in government that had failed to govern and had gone on a trajectory of arresting and bringing the names of former government officials to shame in the eyes of Zambians.

“This is not the governance Zambians anticipated under the regime that promised change,” he said.

Mr Lusambo said the issue of FJT University was straightforward if the right paper trail was to be followed rather than having anyone in these UPND even those who have no idea of what governance is, blowing trumpets about something they do not even understand.

He said the UPND government has taken Zambia  back like it were in the Kaunda regime where people were scared even to buy a television set for themselves for fear of being suspected and arrested by government investigative wings.

Mr Lusambo said the country was going backwards from the time the UPND assumed government because it was disturbing to have people being inconvenienced on baseless accusations that could not be substantiated.  

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