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Don’t threaten Zambians over Africom – Chama


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema should not threaten Zambians for questioning the agreement on setting up AFRICOM offices here because that move begs a lots of answers as the country already has a United States of America (USA) military attaché just like other countries that have diplomatic offices in Zambia, former Defence Minister, Davis Chama, has said.

Mr Chama said all countries that have diplomatic offices have a military attaché who does the liaison on military cooperation between this country and other countries but the question was why the USA wants to set up another military office in the country.

He said Zambians have been asking questions about what this new military office was going to do in this country.

And another former Defence Minister Mr. Geoffrey Mwamba said having served for two years he went through the issues of AFRICOM.

Mr Mwamba said he had attended a meeting in Washington DC in the USA where the issues of AFRICOM were raised and when he returned, he raised the issues to cabinet then but everyone in there refused.

He said it was shocking that all the country’s six former presidents rejected offices to be set up in Lusaka and only the seventh president, Mr Hichilema has seen fit for this office to be set up in this country.

Mr Mwamba said Zambians needed an explanation of what special thing has caused the UPND administration to give consent to this agreement.

He said Zambians have a right to know the reasons why these offices were being set up.

“We need answers,” Mr Mwamba said.

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