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FJT protest a hoax organised by UPND – Tayali


THE planned FJT University protest is a ploy by UPND to scandalise PF,  Economic and Equity Party (EPP) president Chilufya Tayali has said.

UPND are trying to use propaganda over the FTJ Chiluba University claiming the previous government stole money meant for its construction, Mr Tayali said Zambians need to understand that it was not about FTJ University and stealing of money because the money was not stolen, but propaganda to move the attention from other issues.

He said this was a ploy by the ruling party which was working tirelessly to propagate propaganda to divert the attention from other issues.

Mr Tayali said some members of the UPND were mobilising “fake” students so that they hold a press briefing to denounce the PF for having stolen $33.750m for FTJ University yet the money was not stolen.  “Forget the Excel spreadsheet published by some excited people, the point is money was not stolen and I am on this, because I know they are using this to water down their lies and failures, I call upon PF not to bury their heads down in guilt because not everything these guys are saying is true, they are just intimidating you,” he said.

Meanwhile Luapula Police deputy commissioner Daniel Mseteka said they had given the greenlight to three institutions that had written to conduct a peaceful protest over the construction of FJT University.

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Mr Mseteka in an interview said that they had given the permit to three organisations comprising   the Luapula Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Care for Nature and Vision Network Foundation.

Mr Mseteka said they would carry out their protest on Friday morning.

The three organisations notified the police about their intention to protest over the delayed construction of the FTJ Chiluba University.

According to a letter dated May 9, 2022, the three organisations want to protest this Friday at the provincial administration to hand over the protest letter to the province minister, Mr Derricky Chilundika.

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