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A TRADITIONAL leader in Choma has expressed confidence that the coming up of a number of activities such as a beauty contest and traditional ceremonies in a few days’ time will contribute to the economic growth in Southern Province.

This coming weekend, July 2, 2022 in Choma, My Home Town, an NGO under its founder, James Ndambo will be hosting the grand finale of “Miss My Home Town” beauty pageant  while in Monze, there will be the famous Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony where President Hakainde Hichilema is expected to be guest of honour.

On the weekend on July 8-9th, there will be another traditional ceremony for Bene Mukuni of the Toka people in Senior Chief Mukuni Chiefdom in Kazungula.

Commenting on this, Chief Cooma of the Tonga people said that this is how it is supposed to be where a number of activities that are contributing to economic growth and welfare of the people are taking place.

Chief Cooma said in an interview that more activities such as the beauty contest were needed in the provincial capital to bring sanity.

“As usual we are praying that people can enjoy these celebrations because once we meet there, we want to talk about developmental programmes, thank God for what he has given us and also interact with government officials,” he said.

“That function in Choma is wonderful and we thank this young boy, Mr Ndambo for bringing sanity in our province. If you can remember sometime back, that is why I talked about bringing an expo in Choma also not just in Livingstone.

Let us have so many activities in the province so that we can bring sanity especially in Choma the provincial capital of Southern Province. We thank Mr Ndambo for bringing such a function to Choma because most of the people will have money since lodges and guest houses are fully booked…this is wonderful,” he said.

“In fact we need more lodges and hotels in Choma and if I had money myself, I would have started building a lodge also. This is wonderful and this is the way we need to live in the country,” Chief Cooma said.

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