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We were robbed cries Mwape

NATIONAL womens team coach Bruce Mwape says poor officiating robbed Zambia of a place in the final of the Women Africa Cup of Nations WAFCON in Morocco.
Mwape was left frustrated after the Copper Queens were hard done when a late penalty was awarded to South Africa who won 1 – 0 to storm the WAFCON finals.
Ethiopian referee Lydia Abebe awarded South Africa a penalty in added time with the game tied scoreless and poised to go into extra-time in the Moroccan capital of Casablanca.
Mwape said in an interview that he could not believe the decision by the referee who gifted South Africa a WAFCON final appearance.
“I still don’t believe that was supposed to be a penalty…we could see that there was no contact between the two [players], but in football, they say ‘referee’s decision is final’ so there is nothing we can do about it.
“She [Abebe] might have made a mistake but the final decision was her decision so like I said there nothing that we can do, but we were disappointed.
“If we had gone to extra time, I am sure we were going to carry the day so to me we were robbed,” Mwape said.
“I am disappointed with the result, the first half was evenly contested but I feel we could have won the game in the first half.
“The second half we created very few chances, the result to me is the true reflection of what it was supposed to be,” Mwape said.
Meanwhile, Mwapesays the Copper Queens will take the third and fourth fixture against Nigeria on Frioday very seriously.
“We will take it very serious, this is our last game of the tournament so we will make sure that we go with medals…we want to go with the third position [medal]. As far as I am concerned we start a good chance, Nigeria is a good team,” Mwape said.

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