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FORENSIC pathologist, Luchenga Adam Mucheleng’anga, has testified that he did not recover a bullet from the body of State prosecutor Nsama Nsama Chipyoka, although he died from gunshot wound.

Dr Mucheleng’anga however stated that he removed a bullet from UPND member Joseph Kaunda which was lodged on the left side of his skull.

The State pathologist was testifying before High Court Judge Egispo Mwansa in Lusaka yesterday.

This is in a matter where 25-year-old police officer, Fanwell Nyundu, is accused of shooting dead Mr Nsama and Mr Kaunda.

The two victims were killed in December, 2020, when President Hakainde Hichilema, as opposition leader then, appeared for questioning at the Police Service headquarters over a farm  he acquired in Kalomo.

Dr Mucheleng’anga told the court that on December 5, 2020 he conducted a post-mortem on Mr Nsama, aged 44. 

He said there was a perforation on the victim’s left side of the chest and when he turned the body, he had a wound on the left side of his back.

The expert witness stated that on further examination of Mr Nsama’s body, he discovered that his right lung had a perforation and his heart had also raptured. 

He also found blood in the victim’s chest on both the right and left side.

Dr Mucheleng’anga said according to the route of the wounds he saw, he came to a conclusion that they were caused by a bullet.

“I concluded that the cause of death was gunshot in the chest and I took photos of the injuries and also compiled an album,” he said.

He testified that Mr Kaunda had a wound on the right side of his head after conducting an external examination.

The State pathologist said that according to internal examination, Mr Kaunda had a broken skull with an injury to the brain from the left to the right side.

“I also found a bullet lodged on the left side of the skull,” he said.

Dr Mucheleng’anga said he swabbed the bullet for the use of DNA for questions that would arise such as if the two victims were killed by the same projectile.


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