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HH ‘know it’ attitude embarrassing – Kabimba


IT is clear that Mr Hakainde Hichilema does not have the time or privilege to read any briefs as President and as a result, he is acting like someone who knows it all, Economic Front (EF) president Wynter Kabimba SC has said.

He said what was most interesting was President Hichilema’s U-turn on his promises and his taking solace in the five-year election mandate to allow him to deliver on his campaign pledges.

Mr Kabimba said President Hichilema’s change of course on his promises was contrary to his earlier 100 days, five months and one year benchmarks he had set for himself.

“I am reminded of Antonio Itube in his book; The Librarian of Auschwitz where he says “Truth is put together by destiny, it is nothing more than a whim of fate, and a lie on the other hand is more human; it is created by mankind and tailor-made to purpose,” Mr Kabimba said.

Mr Kabimba said President Hichilema was a cause of embarrassment to the press conference audience albeit outside the coterie of his praise-singers.

He said the Head of State had shown no remorse for the litany of lies he churned out to the Zambian voters while in the opposition, which he had failed to fulfil.

Mr Kabimba stated that instead, President Hichilema had continued to promote and spread the monotonous narrative that the PF should remain culpable for the bad state of the economy forever.

“I felt like taking some sedatives or paracetamol for the duration of the press conference. His want of communication skills although not of his own making, is something to make one fret. But this is not his only deficiency. More than one year in State House as president, the seat he craved so much for 23 years, his ignorance and lack of grasp of basic facts is more than embarrassing. His logic is warped and incoherent,” Mr Kabimba said.

Mr Kabimba said the Head of State was still steeped in his economics text book scholarly works that figures do not lie and, therefore, the more people believe in those figures and graphs, the more they should come to believe in the improvement of their standard of living.

He said that a drop in the inflation rate from 24 percent under PF to 09 percent under UPND was a major correlative improvement in the people’s cost of living even as hunger and abject starvation were looming large across the country.


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