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Over 33, 000 benefit from free education

MINISTER of Education Douglas Syakalima has disclosed that over 33, 000 children in rural areas have returned to school after the implemen free education policy.

Mr Syakalima says people who are financially challenged have benefitted from the policy.

He says that over 42, 000 children were on the streets of which the majority were involved in vices that were detrimental to their lives.

The minister says it is pleasing that a significant number of youths have left the streets and been able to access education.

Mr Syakalima is confident that all the children roaming in the streets would be removed and taken to school for under the UPND                                                                                                                     government, education was a priority and that was why it was being offered free to all.

Mr Syakalima however says, most schools were still facing challenges as they had no desks and proper classroom blocks.

He has since challenged the private sector to come on board to ensure that no child is learning in an unfriendly environment.


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