Dear Editor,

ALLOW me some space in your most read, most followed paper to put up my observation on the current uncollected garbage in compounds by the local authority there- by exposing the very same people it is supposed to safeguard to possible contamination and disease outbreaks.

The unbelievable piles of uncollected garbage seem to now characterise most com- pounds which despite the local authority’s many promises to residents of it being cleared soon, it still keeps pilling up.

While the council assured residents that the procured tipper trucks would enhance garbage collection in the capital city and that the issue of uncollected refuse would soon be a thing of the past, uncollected garbage still appears to be a nightmare and a challenge to an extent it seems to have become much worse than it was before the procurement of the trucks.

I feel we are being let down by the council which is persistently failing to fulfil its mandate of collecting the waste and transporting it to the main dump site. The local authority has always been preaching the observance of improved hygiene and good sanitation in com- pounds and yet it lets the garbage lie, at times for weeks. Where is the local authority’s seriousness in this whole process?

The truth is, the problem of uncollected garbage which some residents have also added their part by failing to dump waste at designated points in compounds, now seems to lie everywhere and affect everyone.

It’s by the grace of God that Cholera did not hit us as it did last time but this should not push us into relax-mode where we watch uncollected garbage pile up. It starts with you and me. Prevention is bet- ter than sorry.

I leave it here, just my thought.

From Matero.

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