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I will sue Joe Mwale

I AM going to sue Joe Mwale so that he can expose the dossier he has against me in court, Paramount chief Chitimukulu has said.
The Paramount chief said the senior citizen Mr Mwale had defamed him many times and he would now face the wrath of the law.
He said in an exclusive interview yesterday, that this time around he would not tolerate Mr Mwale but drag him to court.
The Paramount chief said his lawyers were currently working on the matter so that the court process could commence.
He said the lawyers were working tirelessly to ensure that the matter was concluded.
“Tell Mr Mwale that I am taking him to court and he should be ready to expose whatever he has against me,” Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said.
Mr Mwale was quoted in some section of the media saying that Paramount chief Chitumukulu must not be stubborn or else the dossier against him would be unpacked.
He said he had nothing to fear because he was aware of the things the Paramount chief does which would be exposed to the nation.
But the traditional leader said Mr Mwale would face the wrath of the law for defaming him.
He said that it was uncalled for, for Mr Mwale to continue issuing defamatory statements against him. Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said whatever Mr Mwale was talking about was false and baseless.
He, therefore, urged the senior citizen to be ready to stand in court so that he could expose the dossier.
“So Mr Mwale has said something again about me, tell him that am taking him to court so that he can expose the dossier.
‘And I am shocked that he is failing to expose whatever he has and he has continued to issue statements, but tell him that am taking him to court,” Paramount chief Chitimukulu said.
The traditional leader said he would not tolerate what he termed as stupid politics which Mr Mwale was playing.

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