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Manyinga starts thorough traffic screening

AUTHORITIES in Manyinga district have launched a strict and mandatory screening exercise for passengers on all public vehicles to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Council and health officials are disinfecting motor vehicles including buses that are entering and exiting the district.
Manyinga Town Council Secretary, Kate Mukonde, said the multi-sectoral team was on the ground to ensure thorough screening and disinfecting.
The exercise was launched at the weekend at Kasamba checkpoint in the North-western province district.
“And the exercise is being coordinated by the local authority in conjunction with the District Health office,” she said.
Ms Mukonde said that the local authority had spent over K50,000 on procurement of health and safety equipment for staff especially those involved in garbage collection and public health inspection.
She said the local authority, under Cap 281 of the Local Government Act, has a mandated to provide public services including public health and safety.
“The local authority has, among other measures, procured several 100 litre-drums, hand washing basins, high-tech thermometers, hand sanitizers and disinfectants meant to be used by passengers entering Manyinga District,” she said.
Meanwhile, Ms Mukonde said the local authority, working with security wings, would this week start inspecting all public places to ensure adherence to health guidelines, such as wearing face masks in public places such as markets and bus stations.
She said the council would also continue inspecting bars and other drinking places in accordance with statutory instrument number 21 and 22 of 2020.

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