‘Fred M’membe is a bitter person’


FRED M’membe is a bitter person because he thought the Patriotic Front (PF) was the best party to help him fulfil his selfish agenda, PF Chief Media administrator for social media Erasmus Mukondo has charged.

Mr Mukondo recalled that in 2014 Dr M’Membe wanted to arm twist late President Michael Sata so that he and other cartel members could take control of the country.

He said that due to his bitterness, he has never said anything good about the party and President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Mukondo was speaking in an interview.

“He is always on the negative side even though he wants to show people that he is fighting for the poor people but we know his behaviour,” he said.

Mr Mukondo accused Mr M Membe of being among people who plundered the eurobond.

Recently, Dr M’membe was quoted advising Zambians to “fool” political crooks who have become busy distributing mealie-meal, bicycles, cash and all sorts of things, ahead of the August 2021 polls.

Dr M’membe stated that political crooks, conmen have become very busy.

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