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By CHARLES MUSONDA                                        

MMD members in Eastern Province have been advised not to be misled by their opportunistic leaders who are pronouncing issues the former ruling party does not believe in.

Operation Save MMD national secretary, Raphael Nakacinda, urged the party members to participate in campaigns for President Edgar Lungu in the August 12 general elections.

Mr Nakacinda said he was aware that some “opportunistic” leaders like former MMD President Felix Mutati and former Chipata Central MP Mtolo Phiri did not even believe in the UPND and its president, Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

He said this when he featured on Breeze FM’s political hour programme on Monday evening.

Mr Nakacinda said he worked with Mr Mutati and Mr Phiri and was aware of inner conversations they had about Mr Hichilema and the UPND.

He said Mr Mutati went into an alliance with Mr Hichilema in the hope of being appointed running mate while Mr Phiri was re-contesting his former seat out of frustration.

He said now that Mr Mutati had not been picked as running mate he was allegedly trying to find a way of leaving the alliance.

“We can’t be voting for leaders who are trying to be opportunistic. We need to vote for leaders who operate from conviction and have a clear agenda for Zambia.

“We have heard our members’ frustrations and concerns and they should not think that we are arrogantly ignoring what they are saying. We will ensure we correct the mistakes, move forward,” Mr Nakacinda said.

He said people in the region know President Lungu because he has shown them humility, focus, and hard work.

He added that President Lungu was a better choice and added Mr Hichilema got rid of founding senior leaders of the UPND on the basis of alleged tribal differences.

Mr Nakacinda said there were people in UPND positions but decision makers were in Mr Hichilema’s inner circle.

He said such leadership could not be trusted and brought to the highest office of the land.

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