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Presidential jet can’t be sold – ZAF


THE Gulfstream G-650 Presidential jet cannot be sold as it would be against the law, the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) has said.

ZAF director for public relations and foreign liaison Colonel Mutale Kasoma said the jet was classified as military equipment for use by the office of the President and Commander in Chief of Defence forces.

Col Kasoma said all equipment listed and appearing on its inventory was classified as military equipment and could not be sold.

He however said the only exception was when such equipment was classified as obsolete through normal wear and tear or by irreparable damage sustained in accidents.

Col Kasoma also said the classification could only be done by a certified ZAF Board of Survey which had defined guidelines that cannot be disposed of by virtue of decree.

He said at present, the Gulfstream G-650 Presidential jet was equipped with modern cutting edge technology and was in pristine condition.

ZAF was responding to a press query on whether the Presidential Jet Gulfstream G-650 can be sold.

Col Kasoma also said that ZAF was not in any way a commercial or quasi-government agency.

He has since encouraged Zambians to acquaint themselves with the functions, operations and laws that govern all the Defence and Security agencies which are key state institutions.

UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema has pronounced that he would sell the Presidential Jet Gulfstream G-650 if he becomes Head of State.

And PF has questioned where Mr Hichilema’s insatiable appetite to sell national assets coming from.

This follows Mr Hichilema’s insistence that he would sell the Jet when he comes into office despite guidance from ZAF it could not be sold.

PF media director, Sunday Chanda challenged Mr Hichilema to say if he had already found a ready buyer and who that was.

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