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Chongwe mayor stops ‘suspect’ Kanakantapa demarcations


CHONGWE Mayor Geoffrey Chumbwe, has ordered a stop to the demarcation of plots in Kanakantapa farm bloc.

Mr Chumbwe, who visited the area after complaints from residents, said the demarcation by the surveyors was improper as the plots were of incorrect sizes.

He made the order yesterday after he met residents who presented their complaints during a meeting.

The residents stated that they welcomed the demarcation, but raised concerns on the way the exercise was being done.

Mr Chumbwe was with Kanakantapa councillor, Hildah Musopa.

He noted that there was no coordination between the community and those doing the exercise.

According to him, this had led to the misunderstandings between the two parties.

Mr Chumbwe said the plot sizes needed to be resolved before the exercise could continue to prevent more disagreements between surveyors and community.

“I will make sure that the delimitation exercise is temporarily halted as we find a way forward,” he said.

Mr Chumbwe assured the community that they will be protected, stating that the whole process was in their best interest.


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