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AUTOMATED Teller Machines (ATMs) are supposed to make life easier, but not in Chongwe, one resident, Mr Emmanuel Banda has lamented.

Mr Banda told the Daily Nation that there was never a day when one would not be greeted by an `apologising’ ATM.

“These machines are making life difficult. We sometimes have to go to Lusaka just to draw money. The service providers need to look into this matter seriously,” he said.

One resident found miserably asking questions at a non-stater ATM complained, ” why can’t these people just accept that they cannot operate this service rather than giving us false hope.”

He observed that this service was meant to improve the quality of life and as such must be well managed. He noted that the banks doing the business in the district were even losing out. “Some residents do not even bother to come to these machines. Those who have the means just go as far as Lusaka,” he said.

A Mr. Sakala urged the banks to come up with sound business strategy to mitigate the anomaly as this was not good for both the bank and community.

“The situation is worse during pay days. You cannot imagine how a bank can not study the trend and stand to prove their competitiveness” he said.

He asked the banks to consider the people’s concerns and address the problem.

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