Man suffering from syphilis denied treatment by Lusaka’s George Clinic

Sun, 22 Jan 2017 12:19:34 +0000



A MAN of George compound Boniface Chilembo who was recently diagnosed with Syphilis has bitterly complained about how he was badly treated by laboratory technicians at Georhe clinic clinic

Mr Chilembo told the Sunday Nation that he was largely ignored by a named laboratory technician at George clinic when he failed to produce a K20.

He claimed that Government had declared laboratory services to be free for patients with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Mr Chilembo explained that a nurse at the clinic could not give him any medicine because she had requested that the laboratory technicians should do some microscopic tests on him.

He complained that when he went to the laboratory, no one attended to him because he could not rise the K20 fee.

Mr Chilembo said that even the nurse who referred him to the laboratory confirmed that the said tests were supposed to be free of charge and wondered why the pharmacist wanted the K20 service fee.

“Medical personnel at the clinic have totally refused to attend to me that’s why I have come here. I have Syphilis and it has been troubling me for some time,

“This time the pimples have come out again, everything is swollen that’s why I went to the clinic. But the laboratory technician refused to attend to me, so the nurse could not give me any medicine” he said.

Mr Chilembo said that he was even more disappointed that the nurse who confirmed that the tests were supposed to be free of charge could not do anything about it.

Mr Chilembo who is a security guard at Pre- Secure Security Company said that he was a poor man who could not afford a K20 at this time of the month.

He appealed to the relevant authorities to consider replacing the said members of staff at the clinic because it was clear that they were soliciting for bribes from poor patients.

The clinic management could not be immediately reached for a comment.


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